Murder Cases

Wade Kizer has tried dozens of homicide cases in his career. These included capital murder, first degree murder, second degree murder, voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. They include killings committed during robberies, domestic homicides, killings committed to further drug conspiracies, and killings that grew out of arguments between friends. Each case is unique and must be examined upon its own facts. If you have been charged with a homicide it is important not only to know your rights but to have a capable trial lawyer who will thoroughly investigate the facts and the evidence in order to prepare your defense. It is usually always best to begin this process as soon as possible so that witnesses in your favor can be identified and interviewed and before evidence favorable to you is lost. Self defense and defense of others are sometimes issues that need to be explored immediately and the evidence investigated.

For more than 20 years Wade Kizer has been an instructor in classes on police interrogation. If the police want to question you about a crime and you have any criminal liability whatsoever, you should not only know your rights before any questioning. You should understand how your statement might affect you in the future. There are some decisions you make that cannot be reversed. Consider having experienced counsel to assist you in making important decisions.